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In psychotherapy, there is an engagement with personal suffering, its causes, and the development of new ways to bring about change. Psychotherapy can be effective for issues such as anxiety, compulsion, insecurity, relationship crises, life crises, or identity questions. Our qualified psychotherapists, with various areas of specialization, help process traumatic life events or stressful situations. In a comprehensive assessment, we define therapy goals together with you. Our approach differs from conventional therapy forms through an interdisciplinary therapeutic treatment method. Here, we work closely with doctors, clinical psychologists, co-therapists, and sports, occupational, and physiotherapists.

If you believe something is wrong, we are here for you. Additional information can be found on this website under Therapy Services. Qualified specialists and psychotherapists will support you in identifying the problem and working with you to restore your healthy psychological balance.

In addition to individual therapies, we also offer group therapies and behavioral training. For more information, please contact our therapist team.

Managing Director
Hr. Dr. phil. Jürg Siegfried



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