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The Medizinischen Zentren Geissberg (MZG) in Kloten help people suffering from mental illnesses with a holistic therapy approach and an interdisciplinary therapeutic treatment form. We build on individual strengths and resources, working closely with doctors, clinical psychologists, co-therapists, as well as sports, occupational, and physiotherapists.


Medizinische Zentren Geissberg
     Haldenstrasse 64
     8302 Kloten

: 044 804 70 80
: 044 804 70 84

Medizinische Zentren Geissberg
    Kirchgasse 5a
     8302 Kloten

: 044 800 44 44


  • By Bus

    You can reach us from Zurich Airport Station or Kloten Station with the number 733 towards Graswinkel. Get off at the Wohnheim stop and walk up Rankstrasse from there. At the Wohnheim, turn left onto Auenstrasse. The first street on the right is Haldenstrasse. Follow it to house number 64. MZG is on the right side, identifiable by the sign with our logo on the wall.

    By Car

    Leave the motorway coming from Zurich at the Kloten South/Fracht exit. After the Kloten South/Fracht exit, turn right and go straight at the next traffic light (intersection “Wilder Mann”) towards Winterthur/Bassersdorf.

    Coming from Bülach, leave the motorway at the Kloten North exit and turn right at the next roundabout. At the next traffic light, also turn right and follow the road to the “Wilder Mann” intersection. There, turn left towards Winterthur/Bassersdorf.

    Follow Dorfstrasse towards Bassersdorf and after about a kilometer, turn left onto Rankstrasse. After passing the Wohnheim (on the right-hand side), turn left onto Auenstrasse (just before leaving the city) and immediately turn right onto Haldenstrasse. Follow the road until you see MZG on the right side, identifiable by the sign with our logo on the wall.


    Visitor parking at Haldenstrasse 64 is limited. Otherwise, use the blue zone.

  • From Kloten Station (approx. 5-minute walk from the station)
    • Cross the street from Kloten Station and walk towards Aldi Suisse.
    • From there, continue straight to the post office branch.
    • From the post office, continue straight to the large roundabout.
    • From there, head towards the “Fleischli” bakery.
    • Behind the “Fleischli” is a blue-gray residential block, where the MZG Kirchgasse location is situated.
    • At the mailboxes (entrance), you will see a sign for the Medical Center Geissberg.
    • Enter the building and immediately go up the stairs on the left to the specified floor number.
    • Then go straight ahead until you see a door on the left with a sign for MZG.
    • Open the door and go up the stairs again.


P. Athanasis
dipl. Physician, Chief Physician
Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy FMH
Year of Birth 1981
Languages German, Greek, English
Education Medical Studies 2005
Further Training in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 2014
M. Eissawy
dipl. Physician, Senior Physician
Field of Activity: Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Year of Birth 1975
Languages German, Arabic, English, French
Education Medical Studies in General Medicine
Further Training in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
V. Ntoumanis
dipl. Physician, Senior Physician
Field of Activity: Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Year of Birth 1977
Languages German, English, Greek
Education Medical Studies Thessaloniki, Greece 2004
Further Training in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 2014
A. Papperitz
dipl. Physician, Senior Physician
Field of Activity: Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Year of Birth 1962
Languages German
Education Medical Studies
J. Siegfried
Dr. phil. Clinical Psychologist, Managing Director
Specialist Psychotherapist and Supervisor
Year of Birth 1953
Languages German, English, French, Tibetan
Education Studies in Clinical Psychology 1982
Dr. phil. 1984
C. G. Jung Institute, Diploma 1985
Nat. Fund Scholarship USA 1988-1991
4 years as Senior Psychologist, Fachklinik Bad Pyrmont/Germany
A. von Gunten
M.Sc., Senior Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
Year of Birth 1986
Languages German, English, French
Education Psychology Studies
Further Training in Behavioral Therapy AIM
A. Stiglmeier
Dipl. Psych.
Year of Birth 1979
Languages German, Russian
Education Diploma in Psychology 2018
I. Lari
Year of Birth 1987
Languages German, Italian, English
Education Further Training in Psychotherapy 2019
P. Alexandridou
Dipl. Psych.
Psychologist, Psychotherapist in Training
H. Ismaili
Commercial Employee EFZ
Languages German, Albanian, English
Education Commercial Employee EFZ
S. Zulji
Medical Secretary
Languages German, English, Bosnian
I. Kamberi
Medical Secretary
Languages German, Albanian, English

Managing Director
Hr. Dr. phil. Jürg Siegfried



Medizinisches Zentrum Geissberg

Haldenstrasse 64 8302
T: 044 804 70 80
F: 044 804 70 84


Medizinisches Zentrum Löwenstrasse

Löwenstrasse 14 CH-8001
T: 044 228 70 80
F: 044 228 70 84


Medizinisches Zentrum Geissberg

Bahnhofplatz 7 8400
T: 043 305 27 00


Medizinische Praxis Zug

Chamerstrasse 12a 6300
T: 041 725 36 90

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