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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Patients

Acute pain is a normal sensation that alerts you to possible injury and the need to take care of yourself.

Chronic pain is fundamentally different. Chronic pain persists. Pain signals keep firing in the nervous system for weeks, months, or even years.

The ongoing pain signals cause stress in the body (hyperarousal), the release of peptides that promote nerve cell growth, pain hypersensitivity (hypersensitivity), and additionally, painful muscle tension.

The initial cause of chronic pain might be an injury, such as a lifting trauma or a serious infection, or there may be ongoing causes of pain such as arthritis, cancer, or inflammation. However, there are also people who suffer from chronic pain without any external injury or physical damage. The cause of such pain is often unknown.

Many older people are affected by chronic pain. Joints and discs are no longer supplied with fluids, muscle mass and bone density decrease, the heart weakens, and the blood supply to the body diminishes.

Complaints of chronic pain are found in conditions such as headaches, back pain, cancer, arthritic pain, neurogenic pain (pain due to damage to the central or peripheral nervous system), or psychogenic pain (pain not caused by diseases or injuries, or visible signs of damage inside or outside the nervous system).

Chronic Pain in Children and Adolescents

Unfortunately, children, adolescents, or young adults can also suffer from chronic pain due to birth injuries, accidents, or headaches caused by chronic stress. These pains can significantly impair quality of life.

Therapy for Pain Patients

As a pain patient in the partial inpatient or outpatient program of the Medical Center Löwenstrasse, you will receive interdisciplinary consultations in your personal area of concern.

You can receive the following treatments and information

  • Interdisciplinary pain management
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Insurance issues (accident/disability insurance)
  • Addresses of legal advice centers
  • Operation information
  • Treatment options

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